Artist: Lynching display on campus was art meant to bring awareness to social justice and racial inequality

by sgarzon

It is always fascinating to see how a work of art becomes polemical, and why it causes so much reaction in the public. What is more

The Campus Culture

By: Robert Linggi

If you checked your Sac Link email over the weekend then you saw the campus-wide letter from Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez announcing a full investigation into an art project where two white male students with rope nooses around their necks were “suspended” in harnesses, as if they were being lynched from a tree, as part of an art display in front of Brighton Hall on Dec. 4.

The display only lasted a short time, but caused puzzled social media posts and apparently offend some people, according to Gonzalez.

“…it appears that the individuals involved did not intend for the display to incite violence, though it offended members of our community,” Gonzalez wrote. “The University did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”

However the display’s artist, Sac State senior Christina Edwards, responded to…

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