My Discoveries in Midtown

by assadc

Brooke Walker-Knoblich a local Sacramento artist who uses a unique painting style which fuses her renaissance training with a contemporary expressionistic approach.

I discovered Brooke’s work, musicians of midtown, while reading an article within our very own Sacramento bee! The heading of the article had two works in it which popped out to me, musicians and midtown, instantly drawing me towards it. After reading the article I knew I had to speak with this artist and find out more about her, her painting style, her past experiences, and of course, her affiliation with Sacramento.

Since receiving a BA in Studio Art from UC San Diego she has vigorously pursued her art by developing five large bodies of work and completing over twenty portrait commissions. Brooke’s work has been shown in 17 solo exhibits throughout Northern California, and has received national recognition through juried exhibits and Awards of Excellence.

Her most recent series is entitled The Musicians of Midtown, in included her making quick one minute sketches of musicians at local bars, where she then returned to her studio, listened to the musicians music while she completed their portraits.

The artist herself said she was not planning on doing anything of the sort, she was just at a bar one day and started sketching, then by the time the performances were over, and it was time for her to go, she had a few rough sketches of 5-10 musicians. She did not want anything out of doing this, it was just basically doodling which led to inspiration for a whole series. I guess this is what makes it unique, these portraits were sketched and painted without the idea that they would be in a show or maybe even seen by anyone. They show maybe a more personal side of Brookes painting for the reason that they where not mean for her professional portfolio.

 She was widely celebrated by the local media for this series.  She is currently represented by the Tim Collom Gallery here in Sacramento. She also, paints and teaches in her studio above the Main Gallery in Midtown.