What Art Means to Me

by hannakarr_sacramentoarthistory


            I do not remember the exact day that I fell in love with art, but I do remember the day that I knew I would spend the rest of my life dedicated to it. After struggling with the idea of pursuing a career in a field that no longer held my interest, in a moment of clarity I knew that studying art history would be what defined the rest of my academic career. I was enchanted by the colors on the canvas, the stories behind the concepts and the lifestyles of the artists. From that day forward, I have never looked back, not even for a second. I have dedicated the rest of my life to a continuous exploration of art and artists.

            Art History is more than just knowing whom painted a piece and other identification needs. The beautiful part of it is getting to research and explore about the artist, his (rarely her) background and life style. I want to know more about the art movement that the artist was associated with and what was happening around the artist.

I love that you can find out all of this information. Once I have done my research, I normally find that my impression of a painting has changed and been enhanced.

I love art because there are no limits on what it can mean to you. A person can be mesmerized by a piece that the critics hate. You can find a meaning in a iconic artwork that no one has ever thought of before. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what everyone else’s opinion is. All that matters is what you feel when it is just you and the artwork in front of you.

Like a painting with layers and layers of paint, to learn more about an artist and their art works you have to look at all of the layers of their life, movement and surroundings.

For me, art and art history is all about being connected to an artist or time period and continuing to research more and more about it.