Artist Profile: Gabriel M. Sanford & The Helping Hands Art Show at VOX

by Bree Garcia


       Gabriel Sanford’s art is interesting in that it appears to take on many cultural references, and although he states that his works created out of his subconscious his intricate pieces are reflective of, Aboriginal, Meso-American and Middle Eastern themes.  I initially met with Gabriel because I had inquiry in the reoccurring mouse like character that is in his work. Contrary to my initial thoughts, I discovered that his work has little to no Disney influence and essentially the character that resembles Mickey Mouse evolved out of a pattern in one of his abstract works.  He has incorporated this Jim Mouse character into many of his works offering the viewer a Cultural / Keith Haring Pop Art experience.

     Gabriel’s pieces can be seen at Vox Gallery, all the art that he shows are left untitled so that the viewer has the opportunity to interpret the works and take from them what they will. If you go on a Saturday, you are likely to run into Gabriel, he enjoys the conversations that come out of the pieces and feedback from the community.

      In addition to his art, Gabriel is currently curating the “Helping Hands” Art Show which will exhibit at VOX on November 10, 2012. This is an event that is open to all Sacramento artists with disabilities and their service providers. He is asking local service organizations to recruit, and encourage staff and clients to participate. If you are interested in participating or have any questions regarding the show give him a call at 916-402-1786. The Deadline is November 5, 2012.

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Sacramento, CA 95818

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