July’s Second Saturday Art preview

by Bree Garcia

July’s Second Saturday art walk will offer marvelous choices in art:

B. Sakata Garo will be featuring the works of Bay area artist David Linger in an exhibition that runs from July 3rd though August 4th.  I have been yearning to see Linger’s works since reading a San Francisco Chronicle review late last year. The exhibit consist of screened photographs on 1/10” inch porcelain plates which then are put through an intaglio technique which places text upon the delicately screened translucent tiles.  His artist statement refers to the pieces as being “derived from ancient ceramic tablets that described the intricate functioning of civilizations through accounting. He further states that his “works seek to highlight the banalities of my own life and preserve them in nearly indestructible form.”  He will be attending the Second Saturday reception on the 14th which will be held between 6:00-9:00 PM. I was not disappointed with what I saw and neither will you.

B. Sakata Garo

923 Twentieth Street

Sacramento, CA 95811


Artist website:


Steps away is  Gong Studio if you have not had the opportunity to see Gong Yuebin installation piece entitled Nations it features 190 pieces of driftwood collected from the Northwestern Coast which he has transformed in to crab like creatures. They sit within a spiral formation and speak to order and belonging.  Also, in the studio is his project Site 2801 which recently exhibited at Crocker Art Museum, it includes terracotta soldiers, contemporary soldiers, babies and nuclear weapons. The two projects are interlaced within the gallery space and provides for a visually stimulating experience. His studio will be open on Second Saturday from 12:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Gong Studio

915 Twentieth Street

Sacramento, CA 95811