Wear the Attitude!

by perasyapples

This Friday, April 20th, will be launched the latest SAHC project.  A collaboration with the Target Excellence after-school program at John D. Sloat Elementary school, Wear the Attitude! will explore the power of art in changing attitudes and transforming lives.

A workshop of 3 hours will be held for the students, where they will participate in a lecture, artistic activity, and discussion with their peers, members of SAHC and a Sacramento local artist on various issues about bullying in schools.  After the workshop, the artist will take the children’s drawings and feedback and turn them into a powerful, yet communicative design that will be printed on t-shirts that the students will own and wear; embodying the message and physically and symbolically standing up against bullying.

Through Wear the Attitude! we are creating a stitch, a weave, a pattern of giving.  We hope that the giving will continue and become a grand tapestry of enriching gifts for the community, for the children, and for us.

Thanks to our sponsors Creative Vera Studio and Bolt Auto Insurance for the help in the realization of this event.  We can hardly wait to see the power art has in changing attitudes and lives.