The Conversation Project

by perasyapples

This week marks the end of a series of conversations with local Sacramento artists.  Milton Bowens, Linda Gelfman, and Raphael Delgado opened their studios, showed us their art, and conversed with SAHC about their formation and life as artists, their philosophy and compromise with youth and education, and their crucial role as active agents of change, history and culture.

Creative Vera Studio hosted the conversation where SAHC and the aforementioned artists met to discuss their ideas and shared mango juice, cheese and crackers with good laughs and great times.

Our friends from Junkyard Cat Productions filmed the whole event with creativity and professionalism, and helped to ease the nerves and lighten the mood of the subjects (some of us had never been before a camera).

We are very excited about the Conversation Project since it represents the collaboration of artists and young professionals to create the much needed dialogue about art in Sacramento.

We will post videos as we wait for the final edited version.