Art History by SAHC

by sgarzon

Art History plays an important role in the understanding, appreciation, and creation of art. It explains why art looks the way it does, allowing us to comprehend the meaning and concept behind the work. Art History is a field that moves across time, cultures and religions, providing a global understanding of the role of art in recreating culture and knowledge. The history of art narrates the experience of being human and documents how individuals perceive the surrounding social, political and economic situations. The field provides us with the capacity to distinguish and appreciate the different levels of artistic production in diverse cultures throughout the world, and enabled us to comprehend the ways that artistic production has traditionally addressed the needs of different civilizations. Through paintings, sculptures, artifacts, icons, architecture, monuments, fabrics and utilitarian objects the practice of art is ultimately a pan-human activity that weaves together social structures and the identities of certain communities.

Art History also allows us to understand how artworks are relevant to today, by providing the conceptual context that highlights the significance of art in a developing society. Art History reveals the importance of unity between forms and content and how this responds to the historical and theoretical discourse that shapes the production of art.

Ultimately, the subject of Art History is art; the production of art and its role in creating culture and knowledge. The Sacramento Art History Consortium believes that art is first and foremost a tool for communication, and as such acts as an agent of change, a catalyst that challenges the status quo, allowing societies to be in a continuous state of flux. Art presents us with ways to reconcile the dichotomies of social structures, that is, ways to approach and restore the fractures created by various polarities such as “tradition and innovation,” “the local and the global,” and “authenticity and reproduction.” Art is an innovative contribution to the way we see and comprehend the world, civilization and the progress of knowledge. To contribute to the contemporary and constantly fluctuating production of art requires one to be actively and critically thinking about world issues regarding all areas of knowledge, and having awareness of the role of artists in society.

As an Art History organization, we are not attached to one specific period of art, style, or movement. We benefit from the group’s diverse interests and specializations. Our organization incorporates theoretical discourse and historiography into our projects to elucidate the importance of art in advancing society. We are committed to incorporating art into daily life, by acting as a bridge between the scholarly world and the general public. The activities, projects and endeavors that we choose to develop will reflect our mission and beliefs