Bottomless Question

by perasyapples

So many has been argued and said about the definition of an artist–what attributes, characteristics, and philosophies make one.

One evening, I gathered a small group of intellectual friends for an enchilada dinner. As the smoke was being passed out and the tequila poured, we had a small discussion about ‘what is an artist’.  My architect friend described her as someone with a strong passion, drive, and skill, who devoted much energy into artistic projects.  In this sense, he conceived a creature of flexible boundaries–could be taxi driver, scholar, or engineer–who dedicated herself to artistic endeavors and was good at it.  My art historian friend suggested that an artist is someone with the necessary training and knowledge, and who made artistry her main source of income.  In this way, she was leaning for the general-well accepted definition of an artist.

Between these two opinions lies a sea of definitions and commas, each with its strong and weak points.  Sometime accurate, sometime fetishized.

An artist, to my opinion, can be anyone with such an aesthetic outlook that can turn mundane objects, people, and settings into remarkable pieces.  I try to keep it simple, but it cannot stop being confusing and open to criticism.

I mean, there are as many varieties of art as there are artists to be defined. But let’s open up a bit of discussion.

And for you, my dear reader, what makes an artist?