Exhibition title: REMIX: Artist Mix in Mixed

by sgarzon

Exhibition Review

The Urban Hive – Organized by Veronica Delgado.                                                                                                                                                            July-2011

Group Show featuring: Tanya Bermudez(collage), Gayle Rappaport (painting), Daniel Mendoza( technology and painting), Terrie Rockwell (Use of natural material), Raphael Delgado (Mix media), and Monica Delgado (Recycle Material).

The Urban Hive, for all of those who haven’t had the chance to visit, is a facility for creative professionals to share space and ideas as they work and grow their small businesses. In general terms is an office space with a common area large enough to serve multiple purposes, including music performances and art exhibitions.

This month, the Hive has put together a show titled: “REMIX: Artist Mix in Mixed Media.” Curated randomly, the show was organized with little to no thought of curatorial practice. The title reflects perfectly what the show is: a number of artists working with different media, different topics and different levels of professionalism; all of it brought together by a good friend who is doing them a favor.

Some artists’ work was better than others, but for the most part, painting was amateurish and lack mastery of skill. Not to mention that, in general, the work lacked innovation and intelligence. Most of the paintings were about musicians, human figures, narrated compositions with a story line and several characters, flower, flowers and more flowers. Daniel Mendoza was a bit more creative with his use of technology and recycled materials. The use of a camera in Wild Things madeDaniel’s piece dynamic and engaging; the head of the dinosaur was no doubt the head of the show.

Rafael Delgado’s mix-media works also stood up. The artist was able to overcome the tragic context in which it was placed, as his artwork proved to be compelling, interesting and skillful.

Considering that The Urban Hive is not necessary an art gallery, but a working space- it makes sense that Veronica Delgado would do her friends and family a favor. After all her job is to promote and crate visibility for artists in Sacramento, and what better than offering them a chance to show?  Despite Delgado’s good spirit and willingness to help everyone around her, it’s important to think more critically and thoroughly of what it means to have an art exhibition. We all want better and more art in Sacramento, but shows like this are the ones that make me think its time for Sacramentans to stop patting themselves in the back.

With all that creative energy vibrating from The Hive, I’m positive that the next opening reception will shake Sacramento and say the best of the creative professionals supporting this facility!